The motor-racing track

The northern part of the park accommodates the Autodromo Nazionale, or motor-racing track, and has done SO since 1922, when the Milan Automobile Club founded it there. A company was founded especially to build the motor-racing track: S.I.A.S. -Societa Incremento Automobilismo Sport, a company for boosting motor sports and a federated Automobile Club of Italy company, which still runs the track. Work began for the construction of the racing track on February 26, 1922, designed by - the architect Rosselli and the engineer Puricelli. It took 110 days of speedy work to finish. The motor-racing track is a "temple" consecrated by lovers of car and motorcycle sports. The motor-racing track is the legendary theatre of equally legendary feats and it constitutes a star in Monza's sporting firmament. It has been continuously improved with the most modern technologies and today appears as one of the most challenging, yet the safest for racing drivers.This is the secret of its success with sports enthusiasts, as can be seen from the hundreds of thousands of spectators who flood its stands at all the different events.Monza motor-racing track is elliptical, with the Grand Prix track (5793 meters), the Junior track (2405 meters) and the Speed track (4250 track). The spectator capacity is about 135,000, with seating for approximately 75,000 people. 

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