Royal Park

On September 14 1805 a Napoleonic decree was issued for the construction of a "great royal park", to flank Villa Reale and its gardens. In 1806 the Viceroy Eugene de Beauharnais ordered the decree to be implemented: the area that was chosen was north of the town of Monza, on the banks of the river Lambro, embracing the parks of the noble villas of Mirabello and Mirabellino, the woods known as "Bosco Bello", an area of great natural and scenic beauty. Napoleon intended to create a park for entertainment and also for relaxation, for hunting and also for rearing of animals and production of plants, his scope being one of public utility. First the architects Canonica and Tazzini, followed by Villoresi, harmonized the various architectonic, landscape and botanical , elements, with extreme expertise. In 1806 the surface area was 6.8 square kms (today the Park covers 7.5 square kms), split between the communes of Monza, Biassono and Vedano al Lambro. The next year the architect Carlo Fossati supervised the building of a boundary wall that was 14 kilometers in length and which used material recovered from the derelict Visconti castle. The result was Europe's biggest enclosed park. The boundary wall originally had 14 access gates, of which ,four have survived and bear the names of the localities to which they lead: Monza, Vedano, San Giorgio, Villasanta. Once tree planting was completed, Villoresi continued his tireless commitment to enhance; the park for extraordinary quality and quantity. It was open to the public between 1817 and 1857, then again after 1919. In 1919 Villa Reale and the Park were transferred to the State and later a royal decree passed the property to the National Combatants Charity. In 1920 it was transferred once more, this time to the Consortium comprising the municipalities of Monza and Milan as well as the Umanitaria Charity.
In 1922 an authorization was issued to build the motor-racing track inside the Park.
At this moment in time there are almost five million square meters of the Park area available for public use (of which 350,000 belong to the Gardens). Monza Park, in recent years, has become an integral part of the territory controlled by the Park's Lambro Valley Consortium, an organization that is committed to environmental recovery and valorization.

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